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20 / 20 Foresight

  We found this article by Ram Charan in the Autumn Issue of strategy+business that speaks to a need for business leaders to develop and practice perceptual acuity skills. Clearly written at the “big picture” level for corporate leaders, the core of the article relates well to recruitment strategies.  We…

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The Top 10 Reasons Why Rejecting ‘Job Jumpers’ Is Dumb, and a Missed Opportunity

The Top 10 Reasons Rejecting Job Jumpers is Dumb

JOB JUMPERS/JOB HOPPERS!!!! We’re automatically conditioned to ignore applications from such candidates convinced that good employees aren’t unemployed, don’t get fired, don’t get laid off and don’t jump ship …. Right? Well, a recession as deeply felt as what began in 2008 should change our conditioned reaction to candidates who’ve had a lot of short-term jobs recently and an article we found by Dr. John Sullivan on should motivate us to put our conditioned reflexes aside and give consideration to what he calls “Job Hoppers”.

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