It has never been more important for all professionals to proactively manage their careers. And it’s become clear that to be effective, it is necessary to foster a long-term relationship with an executive recruiter. This could prove to be a very valuable career management strategy, even if you’re not currently looking for a job. Making a career change of any kind is a major decision that affects many aspects of your life. At KEC, we try to make this process easier by treating you fairly and professionally throughout your job search. Our executive recruiter will spend the time getting to know you, your accomplishments and your goals. We strive to be sensitive to your needs while maintaining strict confidentiality at all times.

Over the years, we’ve developed a comprehensive recruitment methodology, “The KEC Process”, which has proven to improve the search process for both the employer and job seeker.  Ultimately, our goal is to facilitate a better fit for new hires to enhance their job satisfaction.

The KEC Process

  • Initially, an experienced Search Consultant will review your resume to measure your fit against the hiring criteria for all of our current assignments.
  • We conduct face-to-face interviews in our office with all candidates prior to making any recommendations to the client. This affords you an opportunity to demonstrate your abilities and accomplishments in-person. While allowing us to develop an in-depth profile measuring your qualifications and personality against the hiring criteria established by the client.
  • KEC takes the time to share our insights with you, providing in-depth knowledge of the position. While helping you to understand the corporate culture and the responsibilities and requirements of the position. Ultimately, giving you the opportunity to fully prepare for the job interview.
  • We will provide prompt feedback after you’ve completed the interviews. Also following up with you at all stages of the process to be sure any concerns or issues you might have are addressed.
  • Our team will support you throughout this process, helping to ease what can be a very stressful time. We will then help negotiate a fair and reasonable offer of employment that befits the value you will bring to your new employer. Finally, we will also guide you through the resignation process with your current employer.

Our philosophy is to add value to the recruitment process by working as a true business partner with you. Taking the time to better understand your needs while providing exemplary service at every stage of the process.

You can submit your resume to us in response to a specific job assignment or to initiate your confidential job search. Your resume will then be entered into our proprietary database, enabling KEC to match your background and skillset to any future positions.

Your resume is completely secure and will not be shared with anyone without your knowledge and consent.

To learn more about how The KEC Process can help you with your job search, contact us today.