The Top 10 Reasons Why Rejecting ‘Job Jumpers’ Is Dumb, and a Missed Opportunity

The Top 10 Reasons Rejecting Job Jumpers is Dumb

JOB JUMPERS/JOB HOPPERS!!!! We’re automatically conditioned to ignore applications from such candidates. Convinced that good employees aren’t unemployed, don’t get fired, don’t get laid off and don’t jump ship …. Right?  Well, a recession as deeply felt as what began in 2008 should change our conditioned reaction to candidates who’ve had a lot of short-term jobs recently. An article we found by Dr. John Sullivan on should motivate us to put our conditioned reflexes aside. And give consideration to what he calls “Job Hoppers”.

He points out logical reasons why candidates might not have a stable work record in recent years. Due to business cutbacks and closures, the tendency for companies to hire on contract rather than make a permanent commitment, jobs of convenience to support families but not ideal challenge, etc. In the technology sector, rapid advances and emerging start-ups draw “techies” so that resumes display short-term employment but is adding high technology skills.

In our business, we’ve learned not to pay too much attention to the first page of candidates’ resumes that may show multiple short-term jobs. As the “meat” of their backgrounds can be found of the next page. Where employment was more stable and may more accurately reflect the individual.

Later in his article, Dr. Sullivan urges companies to take action that can end a candidate’s cycle of Job Jumping. To nurture a lasting employer/employee relationship. At our core, we are biological creatures with a natural desire to nest. If your company has recovered from the recession and is poised for growth, there’s no reason why you can’t attract and hold talented employees who’ve lacked stability in the last few years.

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The Top 10 Reasons Why Rejecting ‘Job Jumpers’ Is Dumb, and a Missed Opportunity

Dr. John Sullivan,


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