Since 1976, KEC has been focused on strengthening organizations by sourcing talented employees and building long-term relationships with them. Our customers have come to expect a higher quality candidate when they work with our recruitment agency. One who can truly have a positive impact on their company.  We’re determined to deliver on this expectation.

We’re a different kind of executive search firm. Why? Because we believe in the value of creating partnerships with our candidates throughout their careers, not just when we have a position to fill. Additionally, we’re committed to treating you fairly and with the respect you deserve throughout our relationship.

We realize that having access to talented and skilled candidates makes us a more successful business, as it allows us to fill job search assignments quickly and effectively. Which explains why we’re such strong believers in this relationship-based business model.

Delivering superior recruitment services to our candidates while maintaining strict confidentiality is at the core of our values. And as a result is reflected in everything we do and in how we operate. Through the KEC Process, we make the effort to get to know you, your strengths and what you’re looking for in your career in order to present you with job opportunities best suited to your needs.

In doing so, we create a better fit between you and the job. Enhancing the likelihood of a win-win scenario for both you and our clients. This attention to detail and commitment to excellence is a true reflection of everything KEC stands for. This is one reason why we’re so successful at finding talented people for our clients that ensure their continued growth and success.

Let us show you how our recruitment agency can support your career development and job search needs. Send us your resume or contact us today to learn more.