Four Ways to Identify and Keep The Employees You Need Before It’s Too Late

By March 26, 2015Employers Articles


We came across this article by Shelly Dutton on our NPAworldwide web site and it struck a chord reminding us that we focus so much time and energy on hiring the “perfect candidate” that we maybe don’t take care of them so we get the retention we want.

Shelley writes about “making sure employees have a future they can see” and we might offer that we make sure employees understand current state and future state. Open communications can do so much to alleviate the natural fear employees have. If they’ve luckily avoided a layoff (when will the next one be and will I be included?). If they see a drop in Sales or a warehouse too full, will there be layoffs? Or if departed employees aren’t replaced and work is spread around the remaining few.

Speaking openly about current state and describing future state goals also gives employees and management a chance to practice performance management. Employees become aware of expectations, of how they can contribute to the drive to that future state. And, they can measure their own performance daily without waiting for a performance appraisal.

It’s not uncommon for us to hear from employed candidates that their confidential job search is motivated. In part at least, by a sense of uncertainty – uncertainty about their company’s health or goals, uncertainty about what’s expected of them or how they can voluntarily support company objectives. Certainly, Shelley’s comments about opening doors for career progression can be just as valuable to achieving employee retention.

Enjoy the Article! ~ Jim Fairfax

Four Ways to Identify and Keep The Employees You Need Before It’s Too Late

~ Shelly Dutton,

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