Six Motivational Drivers, and How to Unleash Them

By July 15, 2020Employers Articles
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We came across this interesting article in IndustryWeek. Written by Kerry Goyette, that takes a look at six drivers of intrinsic motivation. As Kerry shares, “If people know they are part of the team and their work is valued, then they become more loyal and committed.” Each of the core motivators that Kerry references (Theoretical, Utilitarian, Aesthetic, Individualistic, Social, and Traditional). Can be used to help understand what makes each team member tick. As well as understand why an employee does what they do. As a result, perhaps utilizing one (or all) of the suggested motivational drivers can lead to greater commitment levels and an increase in overall employee engagement.

We hope you enjoy this article.

~ From the KEC Team

Six Motivational Drivers, and How to Unleash Them

~ Kerry Goyette, Industry Week

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