Is Your Company Offering False or Real Flexibility?

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We have touched on this subject a couple of times over the last few months, however we still believe that work from home flexibility remains topical as we continue to adapt and prepare for what comes next. As Leslie Forde’s article published on reminds us, one year later, after working through this pandemic, our priorities are likely to have changed and we need to review the type of flexibility we are offering. Is it real or is it not?

Leslie points out that employers will need to consider real flexibility in order to retain employees, but with the current conditions of the market, we think real flexibility will even be needed to attract talent going forward. Working from home, either full time or on a part time basis, has become the new normal for so many and therefore, has increasingly become an important condition of employment for job seekers. We’ve seen that need from our candidates, who have withdrawn themselves from an opportunities because they now consider working from home flexibility to be important to their job search criteria.

So, as we begin to prepare to return to work, reopen office spaces, and establish plans for what’s next, let’s take a look at how we can use this opportunity to take a reset on how work gets done.

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Is Your Company Offering False or Real Flexibility?

~ Leslie Forde, 

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Is your employer truly offering its employees flexibility in working from home or commuting to the office?


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