Employers’ Awkwardness About Where People Work

By July 28, 2021Employers Articles
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Two years ago, the concept of working from home was only an option available to some employees when circumstances allowed for it, however fast forward to present day, many teams have successfully adjusted to working remotely. Now, organizations are preparing for what’s to come post-pandemic, and as Robin Hardman explains in her article published on TLNT.com, some companies may be entering an “awkward stage” when determining if employees will be returning to the workplace, and in what capacity.  While Robin raises some valid counter points to common concerns employers may have in mandating a return to work policy, one concern she does not mention is one that we have been discussing with some of our Clients – how are organizations going to evaluate performance to measure an employee’s potential ability and fit for a promotion. We know employees can be productive while working from home, we’ve seen that throughout the pandemic, but perhaps it may be challenging to observe soft skills and determine leadership capabilities while only checking in through scheduled zoom meetings and monitoring production output.

Whether your organization will be calling back all employees to the workplace or implementing a hybrid arrangement, we welcome you to share your comments and thoughts with us as we continue moving forward.

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“Employers’ Awkwardness About Where People Work

~ Robin Hardman, TLNT.com

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How much do employees value working from home after the pandemic is over?

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