The Pandemic Made Manufacturing Stronger

By April 23, 2021Employers Articles
A woman engineer in a yellow hardhat and a businessman are both wearing medical masks while discussing a manufacturing project.

We previously discussed the benefits, challenges, and potential future of a hybrid workforce within the manufacturing industry one year after COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic. So, as we continued to look at the manufacturing industry one year later, we were intrigued by Eileen Sweeny’s article published in IndustryWeek this month, “The Pandemic Made Manufacturing Stronger”. When we think back to the “significant disruption and transformations” that have occurred over the past year, Eileen points out that through the challenges, some changes were for the better and led to a positive impact on businesses going forward. We learned that the manufacturing industry could be resilient in adapting to the necessary changes to ensure essential products were still delivered; that organizations could pivot their production lines to produce PPE products for our front line workers; and new supply chain partnership opportunities were developed that were not considered before, but were now required by our efforts to reduce the risk of our supply chain vulnerabilities. As Eileen explains, the manufacturing industry is different now as we continue to fight through this pandemic, but with the implementation of positive and safer changes in place, is stronger going forward.

Stay safe and enjoy the article.

~ The KEC Team


The Pandemic Made Manufacturing Stronger

~ Eileen Sweeny for IndustryWeek

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