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In a previous posting, we shared that there is value when partnering up with an Executive Consultant Firm and explored the benefits that such a partnership can provide in an organization’s search for top talent.
In addition, we provided some things to consider when choosing an Executive Recruitment Firm to work with. But what is involved in the recruitment process? How does the process work? Below, we’ve taken the opportunity to provide further insight into how we conduct business here at Kitchener Executive Consultants.


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For every search assignment / recruitment project we work on, we utilize a clearly defined recruitment process to foster a mutually beneficial fit between the employer and the employee. Here are steps we take in support of our Client’s recruitment needs for a professional search project:
  1. Each recruitment assignment begins with a Search Project Intake Meeting to gather the information needed to understand the role and its impact within the company. Often these Search Project Intake Meetings include a Client Visit, especially if this is the first time we are working with the organization. These visits enable us to achieve a detailed understanding of the business and any specific needs. This enables us to refine our search assignment parameters and better represent our clients in the marketplace.
  2. Once we have finalized the search project intake and have completed a thorough screening of candidates, we conduct in-depth interviews (face-to-face when the opportunity allows for it or via video conferencing tools) followed by a sponsorship presentation for the qualified candidates; a detailed summary of the candidate’s experiences and accomplishments beyond the resume. These sponsorships also include the candidate’s job search motivation, their complete compensation package, and their comprehensive skillset in comparison to the hiring criteria – all additional highlights of a candidate’s career that are likely not included on a traditional resume.
  3. We provide interview support for our Clients and Candidates, managing the interview schedules and debriefing afterwards for post-interview feedback. While debriefing at each stage of the recruitment activity, we are able to continually measure interest levels and concerns for the candidate and share feedback with the hiring authority to support further steps in the hiring process.
  4. Lastly, when the successful Candidate has been selected, we gather comprehensive reference research specifically tailored to support candidacy and help eliminate any final reservations. On occasion, we will also utilize a behavioural assessment tool to identify the successful candidate’s traits and natural tendencies to help eliminate any final questions or confirm a Candidate is the right fit. We then transition into a third-party mediator during the negotiation process, providing a smoother experience in the offer and acceptance stages of the search project.

After 45+ years of providing executive recruitment services to our Clients, our recruitment process has proven to be successful. Throughout this process, we are able to continue to foster our relationships with both our clients and candidates, supporting recruitment needs of Clients and the search criteria of Candidates with honesty, respect, and integrity.


If you have any questions about how Kitchener Executive Consultants can support your hiring needs, send us an email, or give us a call to connect with our team. Trust us to navigate the challenging markets and support your business growth.


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