Your Best Candidates Will Cheat on Pre-Hire Assessments

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We came across this article; Your Best Candidates Will Cheat on Pre-Hire Assessments. Written by Vadim Liberman for that caught our attention and led to some internal discussions about the value of pre-hire assessment resources. In particular, we found Vadim’s article showcased many parallels and similarities to how we often interpret the data and results generated by the assessment tools we offer to our Clients and use internally during our own recruitment process. We have always encouraged our Clients to look beyond the numbers or final results. To review the highlights and discussion points that the reports have to offer. Hiring managers should decide what specific skills or aspects of a person’s behaviourial traits are important. And, how they may actually be beneficial or effective (or not) to the particular role.

These highlights can then lead a hiring manager to ask questions and engage in deeper discussions. Further understanding a Candidate’s reasoning or overall intent. In the article, Vadim even includes a personal anecdote about his own pre-hire assessment results. Information that almost led to the disqualification of his candidacy. If not for his hiring manager deciding to look beyond the results of his assessment. For our team, we see first hand the overall importance of how one may interpret the data of an assessment and we often walk our Clients through a candidate’s report when they have used our assessment resource. We certainly understand the author’s point, pre-hire assessments currently being completed remotely due to the pandemic should be reviewed with extra consideration as we adjust to the new norm of our work spaces and business practices.

We hope you enjoy this article.

~ The KEC Team

Your Best Candidates Will Cheat on Pre-Hire Assessments

~ Vadim Liberman for

Your Best Candidates Will Cheat on Pre-Hire Assessments KEC search firm

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