Whatever Happened to Common Sense Inside Companies?

By April 23, 2021Employers Articles
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After reading Martin Lindstrom’s article “Whatever Happened to Common Sense Inside Companies”, we knew we wanted to share it in this month’s newsletter. Although his story made us laugh, his experience is also completely relatable. Many of us have experienced a situation that has left us wondering where the common sense was.  

Indeed, the lack of common sense in a workplace generally stems from a series of disconnects among Departments, Employees, and Consumers, however we are even seeing that disconnect extended towards Job Seekers and Candidates. Current market trends are showing us that talented and qualified Candidates are often interviewing at multiple companies and reviewing several job offers at once. We’re seeing that disconnect that Martin is speaking of as we watch organizations lose out on qualified Candidates because of that separation amongst decision makers and sometimes that separation between a company and candidate(s) of choice.  

This past year, we’ve learned how important maintaining that connection throughout an organization is as many (or all) of us continue to work remotely or under new restrictions due to the pandemic. Therefore, just as we have adapted to new policies and procedures in the workplace to ensure we remain efficient, effective, and safe, maybe there are modifications that can be made to our hiring processes as well. And as Martin reminds us, by restoring “common sense” to our organizations, we can begin to rebuild and maintain our company brand for our Employees – and for Candidates too. 

We hope you enjoy this article.

~ The KEC Team

Whatever Happened to Common Sense Inside Companies?

~ Martin Lindstrom for TLNT.com

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