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Sr. Process Engineer - Automated Welding

Project ID: 10318

Location Cambridge, ON, Guelph, ON, Kitchener, ON, Waterloo, ON
Description This Canadian auto parts manufacturer serves multiple locations from its Corporate Engineering team. It will now add the talents of a Senior Process Engineer to contribute to capacity & capability studies for new RFPs & RFQs, process development, capital planning & research & acquisition & commissioning and shop floor layout to support Program Managers for a wave of new programs. In addition, the Sr. Process Engineer will always be collaborating with Plant Managers and their Manufacturing Engineering teams to troubleshoot and resolve problems & bottlenecks and/or improve cycle times & throughputs.

Our ideal candidate brings solid experiences and expertise in supporting new programs and ongoing Continuous Improvement exercises in Tier 1 or 2 auto parts production and assembly. Particular expertise in automated welding assembly and sound general knowledge of metal stamping are important hiring criteria, but broader knowledge of PLC's, Electrical & Pneumatic controls, and Mechatronics & Robotics applications will highlight candidacy. In addition, excellent communications skills and willingness to share knowledge with more Junior Engineers at HQ and in the plants will be attractive characteristics.




Mechanical or Industrial Engineering