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Lean / Continuous Improvement Champion

Project ID: 10299

Location Cambridge, ON, Guelph, ON, Kitchener, ON, Waterloo, ON
Description This manufacturer of consumer durables will add a Continuous Improvement "Champion" to its team to support dramatic Sales growth that, inevitably, is stressing production capability and capacity. The existing production footprint is labour-intensive with raw material processing, manually operated sub-assembly, and final-assembly operations.

The challenges that await the CI "Champion" range from launching true 5S TO time studies for line balancing analyses TO ergonomic analyses to address strains, fatigue, & consistency TO layout, material flow, racking & conveyance TO capacity planning. The management team are CI-sensitive from previous experiences & employment and ready to support formal CI/Lean initiatives. We just need to recruit and hire the "straw to stir the drink".

Our ideal candidate is a passionate, energetic leader with strengths motivating and engaging employees to draw them to a cause. A solid background facilitating and leading CI initiatives delivering measurable wins by applying the principles of TPS for "shop floor Lean" rather than structured Six Sigma projects will highlight candidacy. While we appreciate applicants who have become committed to Lean/CI as team members, Supervisors, or Engineers, we will focus on candidates who have succeeded in Lean/CI Leadership roles.




IE ideal


Lean, CI certification