Changing Company Culture: It’s a Matter of Principles

By July 24, 2018Employers Articles
Changing Company Culture Kitchener Executive

We came across this article “Changing Company Culture: It’s a Matter of Principles” by Paul Borders published in IndustryWeek. The article seeks to “roadmap” a process leading to culture change. Mr. Borders uses charts to summarize the values, behaviours and results of reactive company cultures versus reliability-focused cultures. Certainly, the changes in employees’ forward-thinking values and behaviour can be applied to any department and process in a company, not just Maintenance & Reliability Engineering. Mr. Borders clearly outlines that management must lead change by example. Using metrics of performance that are quantifiable and can be clearly communicated. Employees will witness the change in management style, which makes it easier for them to join in as change ownership is transferred to their levels. 

Enjoy the Article! ~ Jim Fairfax

Changing Company Culture: It’s a Matter of Principles

~ Paul Borders, IndustryWeek


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