Five Ways to Empower Employees for Higher Engagement

By July 24, 2018Employers Articles


We’re constantly bombarded with articles and complaints about how hard it is to find good employees and then how hard it is to retain good employees once we find them. As the real estate market has tipped the advantage to the seller, so has the employment market tipped the advantage to the candidates. They know they are in demand and we’re seeing candidates get multiple job offers. They are interviewing companies as thoroughly as companies are interviewing them. And, if they become disgruntled or feel unappreciated after they join companies, they don’t hesitate to seek alternative employment. So, we focus on effective candidate assessment and onboarding, but what if we then back off and leave new employees to flounder?
We found this article by Shawn Cassmore on that emphasizes the importance of Empowering employees to get higher Engagement which can lead to better contribution and retention.

As we studied Mr. Cassmore’s article, it struck us that nothing here is revolutionary, nothing here should be new to us – it’s good old fashioned common sense based on open communication and team work. When employees feel they’re informed and have the right to inform and when they feel they are working toward common goals with their colleagues, it’s only natural that they’ll feel empowered and engaged. And that might be a key to retaining the talent we work so hard to attract.

Enjoy the Article! ~ Jim Fairfax

Five Ways to Empower Employees for Higher Engagement

~ Shawn Cassmore, President and Founder, Cassmore and Co Inc., IndustryWeek

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