Kitchener Executive Consultants (KEC) is a full-service executive search firm that specializes in the recruitment and selection of talented professionals, primarily at the mid to senior management levels. Our recruitment efforts focus equally on the evaluation of credentials, experience and accomplishments along with soft skills such as fit and working style, as this greatly enhances a candidate’s ability to make an immediate impact on a business while also improving their long-term retention.We strictly adhere to our proven, comprehensive recruitment process, developed after many years of input from recruiters, candidates and clients. Our recruitment methodology, “The KEC Process”, has proven time and again to deliver results that our long-term clients have come to value and appreciate.

  • We visit with all our clients, which enables us to achieve a detailed understanding of the business, its cultural nuances and specific needs. This helps us refine our search assignment parameters. The more we visit and personally connect with members of the leadership team, the better we are able to effectively measure the fit between the employer and the candidate.
  • We undertake a thorough Initial Candidate screening process, which begins with a phone interview, followed by an in-depth interview face- to- face in our office.  This enables us to learn more about a candidate’s career experiences and accomplishments, and specifically those that meet the selection criteria established by the client.
  • We prepare detailed summaries of each candidate selected for presentation to the client, highlighting valuable information not necessarily displayed in the resume.
  • We effectively manage the scheduling of interviews, and debrief with candidates afterward to re-evaluate their candidacy and measure their motivation and interest in the opportunity. We then follow up with the client, sharing feedback to support further steps in the hiring process. Often, to maintain confidentiality in their workplaces, we offer clients the option to interview in our offices.
  • We thoroughly gather reference research from former employers, peers and subordinates in order to confirm the integrity of the information presented in the resume and interview, focusing specifically on the selection criteria.
  • We stand behind each and every one of our searches. We’re confident you’ll be completely satisfied with your hiring decision.
  • KEC doesn’t view a candidate’s acceptance of an employment offer as the end of our professional obligation to our clients. We will follow the hired candidate through the notice period, answering any questions that arise and providing support in the event of a counteroffer from their current employer. We realize that a new hire creates change within your organization, so we will monitor progress on the acclimatization of the new hire and share any candidate concerns with you.

For over 40 years, we’ve take great pride in our track record of consistently delivering superior results for our business clients. The diversity of our client base and our ability to effectively adapt to ever-changing markets and client demands is a testament to our thorough process, which has stood the test of time.

Combined with a reputation forged on integrity, professionalism and a commitment to customer service, The KEC Process is a proven business model that adds superior value in building your leadership teams.

Contact us today to learn how The KEC Process can make a difference to your business.